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Let's Tap (Wii) Review


Let's Tap is a new innovative game that was recently put out by Nintendo. You play it by setting the Wiimote face down on a box (or something similar) and you tap the box to do any of the games. It's sensitive enough to recognize the different forces that you tap the box. There are 3 different types of "taps" though (light, medium, and hard). During the running game, you are supposed to tap lightly in order to make your character run, and tap harder to make your character jump. This can cause some difficulty in knowing how hard you're tapping until you end up jumping into some obstacle that you weren't intending.

There are 4 games that you can play. Tap Runner, the running game; Rhythm Tap, kinda like Guitar Hero where you tap in beat and with the certain forces; Silent Blocks, kinda like Jenga; and Bubble Voyager.

Silent Blocks

Tap Runner


Rhythm Tap

Bubble Voyager

This game is insanely fun, for about an hour. Anything after that, it's boring. It's meant as a party game between friends. It's definitely meant as a game to unwind from the day considering it's not difficult by any means. It's not fun, at all, to play by yourself.

Rating: Super Silver
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