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Why the PSPgo is good news for Canadians (shortblog)


Everyone is talking about the PSPgo, the slide up screen, the internal memory, and of course the lack of UMD drive along with its digital distribution exclusivity.

All that stuff is cool (I guess), but I'm excited for what digital distribution will bring to Canadians. So far, PSN prepaid cards are not available to buy in stores in countries like Canada and Australia, so if Sony really wants their new PSP to succeed, they better get to bringing prepaid cards around the world.

This is especially frustrating for me, as I pretty much got my credit card to spend money on downloadable games. So far my credit card works on the Wii download service, Xbox Live Arcade, but for some reason not on PSN. I've tried friends cards and they work just fine, but some reason PSN just doesn't like mine :(

And there is a ton of kids and with PSPs who aren't old enough to get a Mastercard to use for downloadable games. If Sony is really trying to get digital distribution into the mainstream, they better do something about this before the new PSP launches. There is probably going to be a shit ton of kids going out to buy the new version when it is released.

Will Sony (hopefully) bringing PSN cards to other countries be good news for you?
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