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Boss Files # 8 - Interstellar Horrors Edition

Hola. There comes a time in every gamer's life where they gotta admit they're afraid of something. I myself am no different. In fact, I think I might as well be the biggest coward I know, because I (figuratively) almost shat myself when confronted with Bald Bull ( See last entry), and now I got a few new problems of my own.

To be honest I could tell you guys how Mr.Sandman gave me trouble in Super Punch Out !! or spend the next hour and a half bitching about how Aran Ryan is the biggest douchebag I've ever had the displeasure of going toe to toe with, I'm gonna get nostalgic on everybody's asses this week and recount an experience I had with one my favorite games of last year Dead Space. ALSO, SPOILERS

You know I'll be honest with you guys, the Survival-Horror genre of games has never really been my can of soda. I myself am more accustomed staring my enemies in the eye and pray they don't shove weapon down my throat ( or other less wholesome and more painful orifices if you catch my drift). The other, less retarded reason is the fact that I don't take sheer balls-to-the-wall mind fuckery very well, which is the main reason why I've avoided the Silent Hill series like the plague. Okay, the exposition been going on for too long, let's get started.

The set up for the Dead Space monstrosity I'm talking about tonight kiddies goes as such. You are Engineer Issac Clarke ( a clever reference to two of my favorite sci fi authors). You've been told by your incredibly bitchy computer expert that The Necromorphs ( the undead monster things that are on the ship) have created a habitability change that's good for them and bad for everything else. The origin of the of: the Food Storage container in the Hydroponics deck of the ship. She has you go back to the godforsaken Medical Deck of the ship and create a poison the kill the organism that moved into Hydroponics. When your about to do that, you run into friendly neighborhood psycho Doctor Challus Mercer. Think Father Grigori from Hal-Life 2, except crazier, and not trying to help you, oh and he also sicks a mutant Necromorph after you.

Boss: The Hunter

Yeah, you're gonna gonna kill it by disintegrating it with the shuttle's test thruster, thus killing it faster than the stupid thing can regenerate. The end result of it is a pile of ashes and a power node for your troubles.

That's It for now. I managed to get all of my exams done (aka 12th grade is hard ) so you are gonna be seeing a lot more of me around here in the near future

P.S Thank You for allowing me to waste your time
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