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Tiger Woods PGA Tour '10 (Wii) Review


I've never liked golf games on the Wii, let alone sports games in general, but Tiger Woods PGA Tour '10 has gotten it right in how it was created. Tiger Woods PGA Tour '10 utilizes the new Wii Motion Plus, and using that, it makes the game so much fun. If you're a golfer, you'll be able to feel like you are golfing from your living room. The game has been released for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Nintendo Wii. I'm reviewing the Wii version. I tried to find screenshots from the Wii version, so if they aren't, I apologize.

The weather can be changed to whatever weather you want, or you can change to the setting where it has live streaming weather from the course. I started playing a round in London, and it started off cloudy, but by the 3rd hole or so it started to rain (it was cloudy then started to rain at the course in real life). The graphics are so amazing for the little old Wii. It has the nice little nitches that are in all the Tiger Woods games like when you hit a really nice shot and it's going straight for the pin, the screen goes to widescreen, the video slows down, and all you hear is a heartbeat.

There are a few negatives that I noticed. When playing the career, you're not really good. If you go play the exhibition and play as Tiger, then go to the career, you'll struggle. You start off really weak and can't hit much more than 250 yds. for a drive, while when playing as Tiger, a full swing can get you almost 350 yds. I also noticed that when I was playing in the rain, the greens became almost too slow. I know that greens slow down when wet, I am a golfer in real life, but this almost seemed to slow the ball down to half the speed. Another thing that I don't like is the Classic Putting. It defaults to the shortest length but still make it to the cup. So, when the greens are slow, you have to go and change the length to make the putter able to hit further. The Precision Putting is the way to go, you just need to get the touch down.

Final Thought: This game is really addicting, especially with how realistic it seems. We had this game demoing at BragGame Rights and the employees would switch off every hole. Most of us didn't want to give up the controller after the hole though. But you will get tired after a while. You have to take full swings in order to get a decent shot. So I'd say that you should limit yourself to a round, maybe two.

Rating: Super Sonic
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