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Please just stop it with the best videogames ever lists


If really irks me when guys like IGN, and GameFAQs make top (insert # here) best videogames of all time lists. How is it possible to pick just one game of all time, and put x number of games in subsequent order of quality?

Videogames aren't like a a group of high school kids being graded in a math test where each student is being marked on the exact same things. You can't really compare videogames to each other in terms of quality because, well, they are all different from each other.

In GameFAQs' currently going on "Best. Game. Ever." contest thing, it's come down to Ocarina of Time, and Final Fantasy VII. Both games are completely different from each other, while Zelda is an action adventure(?) game, FFVII would be a classic turn based RPG. Both games have different things going for and against them, and they both do different things for their own genres, so why compare them?

Is it just that people are always searching for order and classification? Why can't a really good game, just be a really good game? Take Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Galaxy for example. I would consider them both very good games, but is one really better than the other one? I think that some people might like one more than the other, it would be impossible to choose which one is actually the better game.

What do you guys think, are "best videogames ever" lists worth our time as gamers, or are they just a big pile of horse shit?
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