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My Introduction, or: Who Is This Guy, And What's He Doing On My Destructoid?

What�s going on, everybody! I�m Dylan, aka DeathoftheDead, and I�m a new�

Destructoidite? Destructoider?

I�m new to the site, and thought it was about time I introduced myself to all the lovely people at what�s undoubtedly the greatest gaming community on these fine Internets. I�ve been lurking for a while and starting to feel like I know you guys, so I thought it was only fair to give you all some info on me.

Who are you? What�s your deal?

Like I said, my name�s Dylan. I�ve been on this planet for one and a quarter score (which is 25 years, if that sixth-grade Abe Lincoln report taught me anything) and I live in Central Kentucky. I�ve been gaming since I was six, when my Grandma went against my parent�s wishes and bought me an NES for Christmas. I haven�t been able to get games out of my head since. I�ve been writing about games for almost four years now, and desperately hope to get paid for it someday.

Here's me. I look angry, but really I'm sleepy. Trivia: that shirt has fit me since 1996, suggesting that I stopped growing when I was twelve!

What kind of games do you like?

My gaming preferences run toward RPGs and action/adventure, but I really just like great stories and those are usually the best places to find them. I have a taste for the bizarre and the obscure, and any game of a particularly Japanese nature will more than likely capture my attention. I tend to get addicted to immersive single-player experiences more easily than anything with a focus on multiplayer. If you need anything more specific, might I direct you to my Profile sidebar, where I�ve listed some of my all-time favorites.

Yes, I was once nerdy enough to assemble a Cloud costume. In my defense, it was Halloween. Aeris is my wife Anna.

What the hell does your screen-name mean?

Death of the Dead was to be the title of an abandoned horror film my friends and I tried to make in high school. When the project disintegrated I adapted the title as my internet handle and have been using it since. The phrase originated from Mr. Bruce Campbell�s autobiography, If Chins Could Kill. It was one of the titles considered for the film that would eventually be known as Evil Dead.

Share a humiliating memory with us, so we may mock you more efficiently.

Okay, can do. Um, humiliating memory�well, I was saddled with the nickname �Dyldo� for much of middle and high school, does that count?

Good enough. What are you going to on Destructoid?

Well, I�ve got a few ideas for some articles I want to write, and I�ll always speak my mind about whatever the gaming topic at hand is. And I promise to always try my best to not suck.

Also, cocks.

Thank you and good night!
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My favorite Halloween costume ever. Circa 1990.

My name is Dylan. I spend a disproportionate amount of my time playing, writing about, and talking about games. I've been obsessed with games since I was a lad, and selling them has been my job for going on six years now. I write for GameZone and GameCinemaHD. I've never been involved in a gaming web community before, but the power of Destructoid compelled me.

Much more recently.

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