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My Introduction, or: Who Is This Guy, And What's He Doing On My Destructoid?

Whatís going on, everybody! Iím Dylan, aka DeathoftheDead, and Iím a newÖ

Destructoidite? Destructoider?

Iím new to the site, and thought it was about time I introduced myself to all the lovely people at whatís undoubtedly the greatest gaming community on these fine Internets. Iíve been lurking for a while and starting to feel like I know you guys, so I thought it was only fair to give you all some info on me.

Who are you? Whatís your deal?

Like I said, my nameís Dylan. Iíve been on this planet for one and a quarter score (which is 25 years, if that sixth-grade Abe Lincoln report taught me anything) and I live in Central Kentucky. Iíve been gaming since I was six, when my Grandma went against my parentís wishes and bought me an NES for Christmas. I havenít been able to get games out of my head since. Iíve been writing about games for almost four years now, and desperately hope to get paid for it someday.

Here's me. I look angry, but really I'm sleepy. Trivia: that shirt has fit me since 1996, suggesting that I stopped growing when I was twelve!

What kind of games do you like?

My gaming preferences run toward RPGs and action/adventure, but I really just like great stories and those are usually the best places to find them. I have a taste for the bizarre and the obscure, and any game of a particularly Japanese nature will more than likely capture my attention. I tend to get addicted to immersive single-player experiences more easily than anything with a focus on multiplayer. If you need anything more specific, might I direct you to my Profile sidebar, where Iíve listed some of my all-time favorites.

Yes, I was once nerdy enough to assemble a Cloud costume. In my defense, it was Halloween. Aeris is my wife Anna.

What the hell does your screen-name mean?

Death of the Dead was to be the title of an abandoned horror film my friends and I tried to make in high school. When the project disintegrated I adapted the title as my internet handle and have been using it since. The phrase originated from Mr. Bruce Campbellís autobiography, If Chins Could Kill. It was one of the titles considered for the film that would eventually be known as Evil Dead.

Share a humiliating memory with us, so we may mock you more efficiently.

Okay, can do. Um, humiliating memoryÖwell, I was saddled with the nickname ďDyldoĒ for much of middle and high school, does that count?

Good enough. What are you going to on Destructoid?

Well, Iíve got a few ideas for some articles I want to write, and Iíll always speak my mind about whatever the gaming topic at hand is. And I promise to always try my best to not suck.

Also, cocks.

Thank you and good night!
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About Deathofthedeadone of us since 3:53 PM on 08.05.2008

My favorite Halloween costume ever. Circa 1990.

My name is Dylan. I spend a disproportionate amount of my time playing, writing about, and talking about games. I've been obsessed with games since I was a lad, and selling them has been my job for going on six years now. I write for GameZone and GameCinemaHD. I've never been involved in a gaming web community before, but the power of Destructoid compelled me.

Much more recently.

My Favorite Games of All Time, In No Particular Order:
Deus Ex
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