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Keeping Track of Your Games. With Excel!


The fruits of my series report macro

It probably took me 10 hours to write the thing (I am by no means the world�s greatest programmer), but it turned out the way I want it, and it really is a satisfying result. I was able to slightly modify a copy to do the same thing based on the publisher/developer field rather than series, in about a half hour.

So that�s basically everything I�ve got to say about using Excel to keep track of your stuff. I truly hope that if you�ve spent the time to read through this that you�ve found something useful in it. I hope that I�ve conveyed just how easy this is to do, and that it�s really just a matter of finding the time to do it. I find looking at other peoples spreadsheets a confusing affair, but if you feel that looking through mine would help you set up your own, I�d be more than happy to send you a copy, just let me know what version of Excel you�ve got. I get a very sick enjoyment out of discussing the technical details of Excel, and while I feel that I�ve shown great restraint in this article, I would definitely welcome any questions or comments or suggestions if you�d care to PM me about it.

Happy spreadsheeting...
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