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Regarding E3: Fun and Excitement has Arrived!


The upcoming months are going to be some of the most exciting months in gaming history.

This year�s Electronic Entertainment Expo was, in my honest opinion, the best in a few years. Nearly every company had something exciting to show us, and even the disappointing conferences weren�t that disappointing (ok�maybe Square-Enix). The fans where let back in, the booth babes came back, and you could smell it in the air, even if you where watching it on TV hundreds of miles away from L.A., that a bunch of gamers were in need of a new pair of pants. Man, I wish I could have gone to E3, I would be happy to lend those guys some shorts, but alas, I�m here, typing out to you my impressions on this year�s Expo.

Needless to say, I was happy.

And there you have it. It�s going to be an exciting 2009/2010, technology growing, games getting better, and overall, fun�s making its big comeback. This year�s E3 has got me so happy, I randomly brake out in smiles now. From Nintendo and it�s slew of games making their way onto the Wii and DS, to Microsoft and Sony first steps into new and exciting control schemes, to Gurren Lagann, the only thing that could make this better is if I somehow landed a high paying job to pay for all the new shit I want to get.

So�anybody know anyone who�s hiring? I need to make bank.
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