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E3: Golden Sun DS!


E3 has officially gotten me excited for something for the first time in years. (FACT: I don't make cblogs unlesss I'm really excited about something. Also, because I suck at writing cblogs)
Honestly, I've wanted this game for so long I gave up on wishing it would be announced at any of these conferences anymore. Then seeing that post for Golden Sun show up on the Dtoid front page it reminded me of why we should look forward to events like E3. To see that one game that you almost gave up hope on, or that one game that makes the next few months move so incredibly slow due to anticipation. Well, that last part may not be fun, but you get my point.

Anyway, back to Golden Sun. Golden Sun to me was a near perfect RPG. This comes from a guy who doesn't really like many RPGs. Alot of the time I give up on RPGs part of the way through, either due to grinding or just horrible story. Golden Sun never did that for me. The grinding, the powers, the dijinn, the summons, the characters, the story, the villains everything just came together to make such an engrossing experience that I just couldn't put down.

The first Golden Sun, I turned it on and got through 60% of the game in one sitting. It grabbed me from the get-go and never let up. Then Golden Sun: The Lost Age took that amazing feeling the first game gives and multiplied it.
Sure the story is slightly cliche. Young people from a small village, village destroyed, young people go on quest to defeat evil that destroyed village, gain magical powers, etc. But The Golden Sun story gives that cliche so much life that it feels like your apart of whats going on and not just some proxy for a boy with a mission. The game makes you actually give a shit about Garret and Jenna and eventually her brother Felix and all the other characters - even the villains! You actually feel bad for some of the bad guys as you defeat them knowing that some of them actually may be doing the right thing in trying to stop you. There's just so much depth in the Golden Sun universe.

Which is why I am glad that Nintendo is finally letting us go back to Weyward and see where the story of Isaac and his friends leads next.

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