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Regarding E3: Ubisoft and the hypocrisy of their own press conference


Ubisoft's press conference today was utter disaster, but don't take my word for it, covah did a good job of recapping just why they sucked as hard as they did.

But what I want to focus mostly on this post is just how fucking proud Ubisoft was of their Imagine games. In the press conference, that big guy (I don't remember his name, and frankly don't really care) came out readying the audience up for a really big announcement. He was talking about how Ubisoft has one of the biggest franchises out on the DS, and was asking the audience what they thought that franchise could be.

After a few guesses brought on by the audience, and the host saying "WRONG" to every one, some other guy in the audience calls out "Imagine Babyz," with the host again answering with a big fat "NO!".

The twat finally got around to answering his own douchebag question that no one really cared about in the first place with a big old "Our Imagine series is the GREATEST THING TO EVER EXIST BECAUSE IT SOLD LOTS DURDURDURRRR".

I mean, this guy is such a fucking douche, does he even know that his Imagine games are possibly the most made fun of series in the modern videogame industry? And he brings them into E3, one of the biggest gaming events of the year, and it's absolutely packed with hardcore gamers? What is WRONG with you, man?

He goes on to brag about just how popular the Imagine series is and how selling millions of copies makes it automatically good, and then complains a bit about how other companies are copying their completely new and original "casual game" genre.

Unless I was just too pissed off at them and mis-heard them, it sounded like they said that they INVENTED CASUAL GAMES. Ya, right Ubisoft, you sure did eh? Because games like Tetris, Mario, Pokémon and Bejeweled never existed and you were the first company to EVER make games for kids.

And their hypocrisy got 10 times worse when they got around to announcing their new Wii fitness game, Your Shape. They just got done talking shit about how other companies are copying their Imagine series when they announce a game that basically is exactly like Nintendo's Wii Fit. Sure, it may not use the balance board and come included with a USB webcam, but if Nintendo didn't make Wii Fit, it's pretty apparent that none of these other fitness games would even exist.

Everyone knows that Nintendo is going to announce Wii Fit Plus at their press conference tomorrow anyway, so it's pretty efing obvious that Ubisoft is just trying to cash in before Nintendo steals the show again.

I'm pretty pissed off at Ubisoft right now, am I just overreacting here, what do you guys think?

Did anyone even watch the Ubisoft press conference today anyway?
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