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Inklings to play an unwanted genre

Warning! This is the first time I've ever attempted a blog, so sorry if it's fail.

Hey there, my name�s Mark. I suppose this can serve as a first blog, but I don�t want it to be overly �Hey, this is my life story.� So I�ll try to phrase it as a �what I�m playing/question��thing. Anyways, on to the topic I wanted to discuss.

Normally I play a lot of shooters, fps�s, action games, adventure games, and North American RPG�s. Every once in a while though my staples don�t satisfy my cravings and I venture out into a genre which I normally criticize, the jrpg.

This still isn't old!

My question is, has this ever happened to you? Is there some genre which you dislike and normally wouldn�t play (even if it was made by Valve), but then mysteriously had an unquenchable desire to play?
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