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Boss Files #6 - New Format Test Edition

What's Poppin' ? Again as you can tell by the title, I'm gonna be testing a new format for my features. I got the idea for this from a suggestion from Y0j1mb0 ( and later my brother after he read the last entry of the Boss Files ), so I'm gonna see how going in-depth on just one boss, in stead of the usual Smorgasbord of bosses can make for a better detail filled blog. So before I get underway I'd like to say I apologize in advance for any future failures. Also : SPOILER WARNING !

Boss: Xigbar : The Free Shooter

I figured I might as well keep my Organization XIII round up going by filing Xigbar under the newly created category of " Gun Totting Maniacs " for obvious reasons. Despite being the Organization's No.2 , he prefers to do more of a hands on approach in his acts of unspeakable evil compared to the rest of the founding members of the Organization. As a result of this, he has a somewhat laid back personality. But when the time calls for it, He will seriously kick your ass. No joke.

After a series of encounters with him, you eventually battle him at The Organization's headquarters: The Castle That Never Was.After calling Sora a "traitor" for something Roxas did, but I honestly don't remember, he whips out his weapons, jumps down and the battle Starts.

The Battle begins by Xigbar going into a sniper mode ( Fun Fact: In the Japanese version of the game, he sticks both of his guns together to create a makeshift sniper rifle, as opposed to the North American and PAL versions, where he simply spins them and uses one as a balance) which allows him to attack from a distance. If you time it right, you can deflect his shots and send him down to the ground level. But you gonna be in for a surprise.

The reason why I say surprise is because of his powers. He has the ability to control the very fabric of Space, typically displayed by him walking and standing upside down in mid-air, coupled with his constant teleportation throughout the fight. His attacks basically consist of just shooting his energy pistols at you, no melee attacks whatsoever with him. It his powers that made this battle so aggravating. His Power over space isn't limited to just teleporting, he can warp the very arena to suit his needs, and totally disregard yours.

Later on in the fight, he'll fire a charged, much more powerful ricocheting energy blast (which can be deflected), psychically send his guns to different parts of the arena and blast you. Finally, he'll use his OOSA (Obligatory Overpowered Super Attack) which consists of the bastard pulling of some gun play acrobatics that looks like it was choreographed by John Woo. Avoid all of his shots and you will defeat the Free Shooter, Grasshopper. Also Here's a video for those to lazy to read

Thank you for reading, I hope you like the new format.

P.s Thank you for allowing me to wast your time.
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