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Mystery Science Sunday Prepares to Launch


In the not-too-distant future -- Next Sunday, A.D. -- There was a guy named CrocBox, not too different than you or me. He worked in Destructoid's community blogs, just trying to think of a rhyme for 'blogs"; He typed his blog at a cheerful pace, but the mods didn't like him so they shot him into space.

Starting this Sunday at 7 PM PST I'll be showing episodes of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 every week on my Mogulus/LiveStream channel but before using the extra parts to make some robot friends I need YOUR help. That's right, you. Put down the dickgirl pictures and help me decide how to air these episodes. Your two choices are:

- Watch them all in order starting with the original KTMA season
- Watch them in a random "What do I feel like showing this week" order

See you all Sunday on the Satellite of Love!
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