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Professor Hienz Wolff's Gravity Review (Wii)


Picture Courtesy of hl.megashares.com

This game is another one of those insanely addicting puzzle games. This is going to be a shorter review, considering there's not a ton to talk about this game. The game reminds me of a cross between Little Big Planet, sorta, and World of Goo. Just from the gravity standpoint, this game is quite realistic. If you balance a pole just a little too much past the center of gravity, it'll wobble, and most likely fall.

The object of the game is quite simple. You try and push the button by any means necessary. Most of the time, it's the marble that'll hit the button, but there are some levels where you push it with a post, others where you have to catapult an object to hit it. There are 100 puzzle levels, and you unlock a Sandbox level after every 5 Puzzle levels. These levels are fun just to mess around in and knock things over.

There are also party games that you can mess around in. These games aren't like the main game. They consist of eliminating blocks of the same color as the ball, knocking down a tower in the fewest shots, and a couple others. These are fun, only to take your focus away from the game though. Basically, if you like puzzle games, and own a Wii, this one is the one to get.

Rating: Sonic
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