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Retro Review: Prehistoric Isle 2


Now I've never player the first Prehistoric Isle and they did not have it at the arcade unfortunately but this is how I imagine it went down. “You are Buzz McFlamethrower and you are a retired marine who has faded away into the unknowns. One day the evil dictator Schnoz Flangerydang has began cloning evil dodo birds and polar bears and has them attacking the entire world! The United States government calls you in and briefs you on it and its up to you to get in your helicopter and save the world!” On an unrelated not I just realized helicopter only has one “L” in it, I always thought it had two … huh.

So after my friend and I played this game for awhile we finally reached the final level. We had fought every kind of twister messed up dinosaur imaginable and we could only imagine what the game would throw at us for the final boss. Would it be a giant purple Spinosaurs, an huge hoard of Velociraptors, a carnivorous Brontosaurs? Nope, it was a giant fucking squid! Yeah thats right! Ultimate twist ever in a video game, you fight dinosaurs the whole time until you get to the very end, then its a giant squid. Hows that for a surprise? We eventually beat the evil squid and saved the day but by the time we had finished that game I had to take a breather and let my brain recharge before I had another round of Track and Field. I mean how did they expect me to react after playing through something that epic!?

Needless to say this was one of my much much better trips to the arcade, you just don't discover a game that intense everyday you know? I did a little research and it seems the game was also released on the Neo Geo for those of you who are interested. I would give this game 5 chainsaws out of 5. Has anyone else played this game or can anyone top this one in terms of just pure awesome and win? Next time I go to Mike and Andy's I know which game I'll be playing first!
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