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Boss Files #5 - I'M BACK Edition! (Organization XIII Round Up Pt.1 Too)

Hey There, Destructoid! As you can tell this is my welcome back edition. After a one week hiatus (broken consoles and whatnot), I've turned to my PS2 (Which I now refer to as "Old Reliable")for the next few entries of the series. Kingdom Hearts is one of my favorite series' in gaming for a few reasons, The Organization being one of them. I'll admit that they are an interesting set of villains to say the least, and the next two or three posts are gonna be devoted to them entirely.

I'm gonna keep the explanation short because I'd be going on for hours if I went in depth: The Heartless are what happens when someone 's heart gets overwhelmed by the darkness, but the second game added the fact that the body will act independently of the heart afterward and called a Nobody (get it). The members of the Organization are simply the most powerful of the Nobodies who've managed to retain their human forms with minor physical changes. I could go more in depth, but I'd honestly be wasting your time. So, Let's get Started! Also:SPOILER WARNING ! SPOILER WARNING ! SPOILER WARNING !!!!

Boss: Xaldin:The Whirlwind Lancer

I don't know why, but this picture just screams I'm gonna rip you face off!

That rage is the result of his power. He has control over the power of the moon and draws his power from the same way a Kryptoninan gets superpowers from a yellow sun. The berserk mode is essentially his crutch that he'll abuse over and over in the battle. His attacks consist of shock waves, throwing is claymore, and simple combos. The battle for the most part is just him standing around absorbing enough moonlight to go berserk.

That's it for the first part of the Organization round up. I apologize for keeping the info on Saix short, I just felt like I was dragging on with Xaldin that I had to keep it succinct.

Also, if Mikey is reading this (I doubt it) watch this video, it'll give you a good idea of what kind of power a reaper truly has, and will be well suited for when I'm in the Destructoid comic ( again I doubt it).
PS. Thank you for allowing me to waste your time

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