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PS3 Dead, Also a Proper Introduction


It's weird when I put it into practice. I've been a member of the Destructoid community for five months now, and I haven't even properly introduced myself. So i figured I might as well tell you guys and gals the basics of me, FalconReaper (some of this was covered in my "10 Things" post). My name is Mohamoud ( I prefer to be called Mo because so many people mispronounce my name, its not funny), I live in Canada, and it has it perks, namely some games being bundled in with the most random shit ( I once got a copy of beyond Good and Evil with a pack of Cheese string), I'm also 17 years old. In terms of gaming platforms, I have a now busted PS3, an inexplicably Red Ring proof Xbox 360(which I got for free, and the one time where regional lockout wasn't a pain in the ass), A PS2 that I still use every now and then, and a red Nintendo DS Lite with the Mario M on it. As also said in my "10 Things" post, I'm Muslim ( I don't know what it has to do with gaming, but I just had to say it). Until the end of last year I was pretty much a misanthrope who had a strong dislike of of most of the human race ( i still kind of am), now I'll only hate you until I get to know you. For most for my life my preferred genres of gaming were action games, platformers, and RPGs (or any game with a good story and game play), but now I'm stepping out of my comfort zone and am at least trying to be open minded of different types of games.Also I have a special moniker for my posts, the line "Thank you for allowing me to waste your time". I've come to think of it as my trademark, like Zorro cutting a Z into everything he sees or Spider Man's clever notes found after he busts the bad guys, Its just what I do. Sorry if that got a little long winded, I just wanted the community to know more about me and a last bit of info: I never played Marvel vs Capcom 2, I know, I fail, and I'm probably the only person on Dtiod who hasn't. I'm also doing a new feature on my blog called "Boss Files", I upload every Saturday, so check back then.

P.S Thank You for allowing my to waste you time!
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