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Boss Files #4 - Bosses Way Bigger than You Edition

Hello again. As you can tell by the post title, this week's entry is devoted entirely to those behemoth bosses that make you look like an insect by comparison, but you kill them in a way that's usually described along the lines of " Oh my God", "Oh, Snap!" or my personal favorite: "Oh my God! Holy Shit, Did you see that?" Since we got the overview out of the way lets get to recapping these slain goliaths.

Boss:The Hydra
Game: God of War

Wow. I just noticed that Order of Ecclesia has gotten a lot of exposure in the Files (last week was devoted entirely to that game). The first "interesting" (and challenging) boss of Order of Ecclesia, the fight wasn't about killing it but making it to the top of the lighthouse. It' try to smash you with its giant claw and shoot acidic bubbles,and that's it. The way you kill it is awesome you crush with an elevator. Me describing it really doesn't do it justice. Watch this clip!

Did you see it. If so then good if not, then watch it or play the damn game!

That's it for now, I know there's nothing about the Batomys, but I had to include it because its hard and I classify hard bosses.
PS. Thanks for allowing me to waste your time doing something else.
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