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Boss Files #3 - Order of Ecclesia Edition

Hello, again. Ya know, lately I've been struggling to find good candidates for the Files, but I managed to find a few good ones from Castlevania Order of Ecclesia (which I beat a few days ago), so Enjoy. Also SPOILER WARNING!! Again, if that doesn't stop you from reading I can't help you. Read at your own risk, spoilerphobe.

Boss : Barlowe

Ah, Dracula. You have caused this rookie vampire killer way too much trouble over the last two weeks. The final boss of Order of Ecclesia ( and every Castlevania game in the history of the series... okay most of them), I nearly chucked my DS across the room. Yeah, he was that hard. After the somewhat weird conversation, you start the fight. His attacks include shooting a barrage of fire balls, Dark Inferno and Fatal Ray as the first phase. What surpised me was the fact that the named attacks were what 2 of the 3 Dominus glyphs were based off of. After that was the second (and most rage-inducing) part of the fight. After saying the "time for games is over", he'll use a tracking variant of Fatal Ray called Destruction Ray, call upon wolves and THOSE FUCKING BATS!!! (Sorry, that's the rage talking), and the very irritating Soul Steal which steals 240 HP. As with Death, I had the feeling he wasn't taking the fight seriously. The thing the tipped me was the fact that he didn't resort to transforming into that giant monster thing he usually does when fighting a Belmont. After Using Dominus on him you beat the Game. Also, here's the boss theme if you like. Would you kindly listen to it.

That's it for this very "first themed" entry of The Boss Files. I pretty much finished Castlevania Order of Ecclesia, and I have a question: What DS Game Should I Get Next ? Check back next weekend for another look at the most intimidating bosses this side of gaming.
P.S Thank You for allowing me to waste your time.
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