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Resident Evil 5: Versus Review and Contest

Hey, Destructoid Soldiers!

Just popping back in to let you guys in on a little something I've got going on at my parent site, which a contest to win Resident Evil 5: Versus Mode for the PSN.

Now, I'll start off by saying this: Yes, this is somewhat of an advertisement. However, with that being said, atleast I'm telling you guys about this contest. I could've decided to leave you guys in the dark about this, which would result in one of you being without a free PSN code! So, there. Atleast I'm being honest.

Now, let's get down to business. What you need to do is watch this review of mine:

There was a contest for this, but it's over now... I think someone from here won it.

Anyway, tell me your thoughts, criticisms, or just anything! I plan on making exclusive content for Destructoid in the future, so I need 'em.

Against Belief
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