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Persona 3 Gaming - The first two weeks (April 7th-19th)

With some folks here on Destructoid I'm doing this project of playing Persona 3 alongside the in-game calendar. Unluckily a project like this is sometimes a bit difficult with a game like Persona 3, because there are quite a few breaks in the game, where you cannot save for days.

April 7th:
Persona 3 starts off with the protagonist experiencing some strange events on his way to his dorm after being transferred to his new school. At the dorm he meets two of his school mates: Yukari Takeba and Mitsuru Kirijo. After a good night's sleep he goes to school together with Yukari. In school you will also meet with Junpei Iori for the first time. Players replaying Persona 3 can see some familiar faces running around town, which is a really nice touch.

April 8th:
Another day at school and in the evening the protagonist will meet with Shuji Ikutsuki, chairman of the boards of your school. In the night there is a quite disturbing cut-scene with Junpei.

April 9th:
After another school day the first full moon of the game is upon us. Akihiko-sempai comes home after being wounded by a shadow. To make matters worse he has lead some shadows to the dorm and our hero has no choice but to run away with Yukari. Once he arrives on the roof, he summons his Persona for the first time in an incredible cut-scene. After a short fight he falls into a coma and only awakes several days later.

April 17th:
Awakening in some hospital Yukari is waiting beside the bed and tells a bit about herself and her father.

April 18th:
Of course there was enough rest the whole week so the protagonist goes to school today. In the evening he decides to join the SEES (short for Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad). Also in the night there a strange boy makes an appearance in your bed room and talks about your awakening powers.

April 19th:
In the evening Junpei joins the SEES and moves into the dorm. You now have 3 active team members.

Also note to everyone playing:
You cannot save until April 20th.
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