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Boss Files #2

Hello, again. As you can see from the title, this is the second entry to my new series Boss Files. After gaining
a lot of positive feedback from the community ( and by that I mean that the 8 people who took the time to read
it and comment) I've decided to keep going with this. Now Since we are going sort of in depth on boss
characters, I don't want to repeat myself but SPOILER WARNING ! SPOILER WARNING! SPOILER WARNING!
The reason why I just did that is because there are people who don't like plot details ruined for them as
opposed to me who reads up a game's story on wikipedia and forgets about it 'cause I buy the game 6-12
months after its released. We are going to see another DMC4 Boss, One from the later portions of Kingdom
Hearts and One from Castle Crashers. If you didn't see spoiler warning I put up or if you just have a short
attention span ( which would be most of you) there are spoilers ahead in the form of the bosses you fight. if
you didn't read that, then I can't help you. Close the browser. Turn off your computer and walk away. Enough
talk! Let's get this show on the road!

Boss: Angelo Agnus
Game: Devil may Cry 4

As you can probably tell, the Necromancer is one of the last bosses in Castle Crashers ( Buy it if you haven't
already, you'll thank me later). WHile you encountr the Necromancer a few times of the latter half of the game,
Its not until the final area that you truly get to see his full power. After fighting the Painter and the Undead
Cyclops, you'll find yourself in his personal dungeon. Its littered with the corpses of fallen enemies from
throughout you adventure, and this is where the battle begins. As the name suggests, The Necromancer is
an incredibly powerful sorcerer skilled in the Dark Arts. He has the ability to resurrect the bodies of the dead
to do his bidding as undead monster ( skeleton warriors and The undead Cyclops) or as a complete replica of
their former, albeit much more powerful. The "Necro" uses the latter option against you for this fight, and after
dispatching two waves of his " uber- warriors, he'll deal with you personally. On top of his magical
badassery, he's also a skilled sword fighter. These all come together to make an epic battle, and the Best
boss fight in Castle Crashers. Also The Battle theme is pure win!

Well, that's all for now Dtoiders, the main reason why I didn't have this up sooner is because of classes,
Valkyria Chronicles (again Thank You unangbangkay!) and all round lazieness.

P.S Thank you for allowing me to waste your time, and That image of the Necromancer was the first thing I
saw on Google Image Search. I'm not Joking.

P.S.S That's All, Folks!
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