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Boss Files #1

Ah, bosses. What would gaming be like if you were never conceived. On second thought, as much as I would enjoy imagining that lets get to the matter at hand. Boss Battles have been in games since before the days of the Power Glove. They are generally created with the objectives of testing our skills, giving us new weapons/powers, or to just plain anger-incudingly hard (ala Colonel Radec) . I'm gonna show you through this (hopefully) limited series of some of(what I think are) gaming's more ruthless boss characters in recent memory. OK, now that the intro out of the way lets get the inaugural edition of Boss Files underway!

Boss: Albus
Game: Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

Next we have Credo. As with Dante and Vergil before them, Nero and Credo are as different as day and night. While the former is somewhat of a reckless loose cannon, the latter prefers to do things strictly by the book. Because of this, he was made the Captain of The Holy Knights by Sanctus aka "His Holiness" ( who's essentially the pope).

When Sancuts orders him to arrest Nero, Credo being the by the book kind of mook he is, complies. After navigating your way through a dense jungle and fighting a nasty She-Viper, you wind up at an arena near the entrance of the headquarters for The Order of the Sword (the oranization/cult that worships Sparda, Dante's father). One slightly exposition filled cutscene later and Credo turns into a badass one-winged demon thing with a shield for a right arm somehow capable of flight.

Personally speaking, this is the best Boss fight in Devil May Cry 4. While the others required you to adopt one strategy that worked for the whole fight, Credo had multiple attacks that needed various strategies to overcome. But don't worry, you'll have Yamato on your side ( Vergil's katana that activates the Devil Trigger for Nero), along with all the useful combos you hopefully bought in between missions. It also made me use the pistol to keep him at range, wait for openings, and make me use my brain for this boss fight. And the finishing Devil Trigger buster Move is awesome as well.

Well, that's all for now folks, I can't keep going right now because I need sleep ( its 3 am at the time of writing).Also, I finally figured out how to properly get pictures into the blogs ( I know I fail) So long!

P.S thank you for allowing me to waste your time on something else and I'm open to suggestions for Boss Files.
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