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Loved Shadow of the Colossus? The movie is coming soon!


If action films are my gaming bread and butter, then action-adventures are the video game equivalent -- I love everything about them from the trademark running around and collecting things for people to the well developed storylines. As you may imagine, I was a big fan of Shadow of the Colossus, or Wanda to kyozō as it was called in its original Japanese release.

Watching a film based on Shadow of the Colossus is the kind of thing that I have wet dreams about in the middle of the night, but apparently someone thought it was a good idea other than me. So it's happening. Based on the original 2005 game film and maybe not being worked on by Ueda Fumito, the game's creator, it is being made for the cinema screen.

According to Destructoid, there will be new stuff in the film, you can watch either alone or with friends, and the film is unknown percent complete. I do think a film like this has much hope in being brought here, but I'm going to have to import this one. It's currently slated for a release at some point. Saying DO WANT would be a severe understatement.
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