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That One Mook: Blaino


Thinking back on the various game bosses that have troubled me a handful immediately sprung to mind, but only one really stood out, Blaino. He may not be the best choice for this particular subject since he's not an out and out ass-kicker, he doesnĎt even actually kill you when he bests you, but given the chance he can be a bastard. Blaino is a mid-boss from the Turtle Rock dungeon in Linkís Awakening, my favorite Zelda game, one of my favorite games period. Heís pretty much just a penguin with boxing gloves, and isnít much of a threat if youíre in the zone and put your charged spin to good use, but if youíre just a bit off you can be in some trouble. When Blaino connects with one of his trademark uppercuts the blow sends you sailing all the way back to the dungeonís beginning.

Iíve played through Linkís Awakening many times, and for most of those adventures Blaino is nothing to worry about, but on a few occasions I can recall he has driven me mad. Itís happened to me as recently as this past winter. For unknown reasons, Iíll foul up and Blaino will connect with Link, sending our elven hero back to the dungeonís entrance. From there you have the trek back to Blaino. Itís not a difficult or overly lengthy walk, but itís long enough to give you time to think about the rematch. If youíre on top of your game youíll take Blaino out no problems with round two, if not youíre sent through the air back to the start again. Thatís when the trouble can really start. Like any good boxer, Blaino can start to get in your head.

Trudging past the same enemies and fire pits, you hope this is the last time. You think about what went wrong, and perhaps over think what needs to be done to set it right. Itís a simple game, two buttons and a d-pad are all the controls to worry about. All you need is your most basic of weapons, the sword, to take Blaino down. Yet if you get in a rut of walking to Blaino and getting socked back to do it all over you can get sloppier and it just goes downhill from there.

Like I said earlier, Blaino really isnít a difficult boss, and Iíve beaten him many times without issue, but on those handful of times where I inexplicably just canít help but muck up he can really drive me nuts. When that happens itís best to just put down the GameBoy and let it go for a bit, before frustration leads to rage. So yeah, due to the above reasoning, Blaino is That One Mook for meÖ

Bonus: Blaino reappears later on in the Zelda series as a boxing gym proprietor in Oracle of Seasons.
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