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Persona 3 starts in two days.


Two weeks ago I asked in the forums if anybody would love to participate in a simultaniously playthrough of Persona 3 on a daily or weekly basis.

So if you don't read the forums or missed the thread, here's what I wrote:

After watching the Persona 4 Endurance Run videos on giantbomb every day, I had the crazy idea, that it would be fun to play through Persona 3 alongside the in-game calendar, that starts in the night of April 7th in 2009 and ends on January 31st 2010. But instead of doing this alone, maybe it would be fun to do it with multiple people. Everbody would play only up to the point, where the in-game date matches the actual date. Then they could post here about what they did or with whom they formed social links in the game. It would be really interesting to hear about the different ways of playing the game and discuss the current in-game events here.

Players, who were interested in Persona 3 but afraid of the enoramous time investment can use this as an easy way to finally play the game, because the playtime would be stretched out over almost 9 months resulting in only a few minutes every day. Players, who already finished the game, can replay the game by using the NewGame+ feature, enjoy the story and maybe help first time players, who are stuck in certain parts.

Would anybody like to participate in something like that?

So if anybody else is interested, go over to the thread in the forums or leave a comment here.
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