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A Daxel (Not Manly This Time) Review: Killzone 2

Well, it took me a while, but after having my ass handed to me by the last level, I feel I've played enough of Killzone 2 to warrant a review. I haven't actually written anything in a while now, so pardon the bottles of urine littered around the place. Also, if you guys think that beating the last level is substantial to my Killzone 2 experience, I'm replaying it on Recruit, so save it, I'll get there. And now, without further stalling so you won't notice the cyanide in the cupcakes I gave you;

Where Killzone 2 excels, it really excels, and the excellent outweigh the horrible enough to where I can sit down and have fun with the game, and that�s all that really matters.

For the TL;DR guys; if you like First Person Shooters, you�ll have a good time with Killzone 2. If you�ve been looking to get in the genre, Killzone 2 isn�t a bad place to start. If you�re looking for something fun to play, Killzone 2 might be the one to deliver for you.

And I just made a rhyme. Word.

Killzone 2 earns an 8.8/10. But if you�re going to make a big deal out of it, fine;

It�ll get a 9/10 for the other guys. I rounded it, happy? Jesus�
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