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Thank You !

Today is a glorious day in my life for one reason. I just got a copy of Valkyria Chronicles, which is undoubtedly the most underrated title in the PS3 library...okay I don't have it physically in my game collection right now, but it is currently in the safe hands of fellow Dtoider unangbangkay. It wont be here for another few days or weeks ( if I'm lucky) as it is right now recovering from what unang hilariously referred to as " retail gang-rape".

What I'm trying to say ( and in my mind failing at miserably ), is to thank him for his selfless gesture of kindness in the only way I know how: by showing a big colorful balloon with the words thank you written on it ( If i can get the fucking picture in there )

Anyhow Thank You again!!!

( Also excuse the fail of the improper picture improting
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