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I'm A Zombie! I Return From the Dead!


There have been some blogs floating around about the death of a certain Mexican Destructoid community member. Me.

I have gotten a handful of messages throughout the day asking if what these blogs said were true. The answer (and I can't believe I have to say this) is no. I am not dead. I will tell you what lead to this meme though. That way this doesn't turn into one of those annoying inside jokes.

It all started with a skype party. I thought it would be good times to sit around on a virtual couch with a few Destructoid members and have some casual chat. And what better way to socialize than by introducing a bit of booze into the mix? I soon realized that the only alcoholic worth drinking around my was tequila. There were 2 bottles. A bottle of 1800 and a bottle of Jose Cuervo.

By the time I was buzzing it, I decided I wanted to turn it up a notch. I wanted to be drunk. Why not, right?

What I didn't remember during last night's shenanigans is that alcohol isn't "instant action". It takes about an hour for alcohol to fully enter your bloodstream. I took over 10 shots of tequila nearly one after the other. By the time I was drunk I didn't want to lose it. It's stupid. I actually thought that I was sobering up when I was only getting drunker. This eventually leads to me blacking out. I went from mildly drunk to fucked up in a very, very short time. It was ridiculous.

So what had happened during me going out was that I vomited. I puked and I think I fell on something because part of my back and head hurt. The amazing part of all this is that I actually puked in my fucking trash can and I managed to crawl into bed and pull the blankets over me. I guess I'm just that rad.

All of this happened while I was still connected to Skype. The reason why everyone was saying I died is because after all the puking I went into complete silence. Subsequently, the meme was born.

So all of this happened because I'm an idiot. Relax though. I live. No need to be upset at the people posting those blogs. It was all in good fun, and I actually got a call from Tactix to see if I was OK.

My punishment for my stupidity was that I was sick all day. I can still taste the tequila. You can be sure that I'll never drink like that again...I hope.
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