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My F.E.A.R. 2 Review (Xbox 360)

Here's my explanation of my rating system. It's the "Sonic System." (notice the Sonic obsession?) (Shadow = 5, Sonic = 4, Knuckles = 3, Silver = 2, Robotnik (not Eggman) = 1 (adding "Super" makes it a half point higher, ex. Super Sonic = 4.5))

This next installment of the F.E.A.R. series happens to be another big hit in my book. It's just as jumpy as the rest of the others, along with the fact that it makes you question what you really saw. I've noticed after a while it really gets scary when fighting ACTUAL ghosts. This is one of the great aspects of the game. It's one that you tend to take the game out of the game by sometimes seeing Alma outside of the game. All in all, the gameplay is really good and the A.I. is decently smart. The trailer shows that you're in a mech, but that's not over done to the point where it's annoying, but it's a lot of fun once you can blow through all your enemies. This part of the game is quite refreshing to get into a mech, outside, and just chill out after being stuck in a small, claustrophobic hospital for the first few hours of the game. The slow-mo is also done well again, and is almost necessary once you get into certain situations. Weapons are amazing. The Hammerhead gun is so much fun to go around and pinning people against the wall. Sniping is INSANELY fun. Headshots galore. The controls remind me (sorta) of CoD. The game, as you go on, becomes REALLY scary. It starts off just coming across Alma and the random enemies at certain intervals, but as it keeps going on you start to come across ACTUAL GHOSTS. It becomes a little hair raising at this point. I found myself breathing hard and my heart beating after encountering the first of these ghosts.

The bad part of the game is that the storyline is predictable. You start off in a huge battle with enemies, music changes, it then becomes creepy and you come across Alma on random occasions, music becomes faster again, huge battle against enemies, and so on and so forth. Online gameplay is really bad. It's campaign is really fun, but they just seemed like they threw an online multiplayer just to have a mulitplayer in the game. I think it would have been just fine to omit the multiplayer and not take away from the game. Granted, the times I played multiplayer, everyone else was lagging. But regardless, it just seems like it was thrown together.


Rating: Super Sonic
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