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My third attempt at an intro, and maybe a second chance at Dtoid.[NVGR]

Hello Destructoid.

My name is de BLOO.(I'll stop treating you like a 5 year old now.)

This is my third attempt at an intro, since my first attempt was utter garbage. I should have read the new member Survival guide, but being a machosist really doesn't leave much room to take advice. My second one was this one, but I accidently pressed publish while still working on it a few days ago. So here is the third.

I have been a dick.

Its signed by the artist, Todd McFarlane. It is the gold edition and it was valued at $25 almost 5 years ago.Dont know how much it's valued now. The Comic is entitled: Spiderman: The Legend of the Arachknight.

3. I used to dream about becoming a pro futbol (soccer) player and playing in my favorite team, Club Deportivo Guadalajara

But I had an injury at the age of 13, the Doc said I should give it up. So I have. :'(
I can still walk and run. But extensive running makes my left leg, my kicking leg, swell a lot.

4. I love Street Fighter IV. Ever since I purchased it I can't stop playing, even though I am not very good. I main as, you guessed it, Ken.

I play a lot. I'm currently ranked 386 on XBL for Ranked Match Wins. I currently have engaged in 1357 fights, and came out victorious in 933 of them. My win rate is 68.75%. My longest win streak was 34, until a Sagat showed up.

Oh, Togail's Cammy and Rab's Balrog are fucking nauseating. That is all.

Also, If you play SF:IV and still haven't, join Rab's Group he has started on sftournaments.com, Rab has reported that we are the 4th most popular group already there, a few more Dtoiders will push us to the top. The Destructoid invasion begins NAOW

5. I love Sunday. This day is like a reset button for my family.
Living in a family like mine can get pretty hostile. Sunday is where the magic happens. Every sunday breakfast plays out the same, we start either bitter or mad at what has happened in the week, but end happy and reunited as a family. I'm usually the catalyst, I have been told Im funny, so I use that to bring the family skirmishes down. Sundays cant come soon enough.

A quick search of Domingo on Tinypic.com came up with this. Shout out to Bwark-Kupo for indirectly linking me to the site.


This took me forever to make. Learning the BBcode and how to resize photos is time consuming, so was the editing. This is also my first attempt at a blog ever, I thought Dtoid was the perfect place to pop that cherry. Sorry If I have wasted your time or pushed you blog down, I've seen people get pissed off about that.

I just needed to at least try...

[Side Note: My banner is broken, I tried to upload a pic I created in ms paint, at least seven times now. If anyone can help me, that would be great. Enough of my bickering.]
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