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1Up's Freeloader Page: Free Games For All


Times are fucking hard, guys. People are losing jobs. Crackheads can't afford crack. Alcoholics can't afford their booze. Gamers can't afford games.

I'm here to quell your worries, victims of our shriveling economy.

Scott Sharkey over at 1Up has set up a page called "Freeloader" that lists some of his favorite free games for you to check out. It's going to be a growing list, so it's probably wise to bookmark it and come back from time to time. As much of a fan I was for the yearly "101 Free Games" list, I'm a lot more excited for this. It's more immediate.

He's already listed a few of my personal favorites. Eternal Daughter specifically is one of the best free indy games I have ever played. Those interested in Metroidvania style games should really consider giving this game a go. For a free indy game you're getting a fairly complete packaged. It's got a unique visual style, it controls smoothly, and it was made by the guy(s) that did Aquaria (a game you should already own).

He also lists a few retail games that have gone "freeware". Rockstar Games has 3 or 4 'em including the first two Grand Theft Auto games. Bungie's original first person shooter series Marathon is also listed for you trendy Mac kids. There's a way to get them running on PC as well, but you'll have to google that on your own.

It's a great project. Hopefully it'll be updated frequently because some of us could do with some good free entertainment.

P.S. - Image scaling is still funky. It needs to be fixed.
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