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CO-OP: Episode 03 - Dusting off the Wii (Tiff's Back)


The title practically explains what this episode's about.It's a Wii love-fest, which we've been seeing a lot of these days. Odd. I thought it was a rule to hate it.

They cover Mad World, Bit. Trip Beat., and World of Goo. It's odd. I was expecting Mad World to be brought up, but World of Goo? Isn't that game 15 years old in internet time?

I honestly don't know if I want Mad World. As a $30 game I'd gladly pick it up, but I'm not sure if what I saw and what they discussed is something I'm interested in. And they did have some nice things to say about it. I think it looks good stylistically, but technically the look is on par with Jet Set Radio Future. It has some extremely blocky character models. I wish there was a demo I could try.

Since World of Goo was already bought on STEAM, the only thing I'm really interested in is Bit. Trip Beat. It meshes music and simple gameplay into one awesome little package. I'm loving the interactivity between gameplay and music with stuff like this, Audiosurf, Everyday Shooter, and Space Invaders Extreme. We need to push that stuff forward.

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