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Mythic Maps Get a Release Date? Basically.

[[Am I late to the party? I mean, the Bungie Weekly Update came out two days ago. I searched to see if someone had made an article about it at one point yesterday and, well, nothing. I couldn't find the five minutes it takes to upload a blog about it than so without searching to see if someone's done it already I'm making one now.]]

Anyways. At the end of Bungie's latest Weekly Update it appears they have slipped in a tasty tidbit for anyone who didn't want to shell out 80 bucks for the Halo Wars: Limited Edition set just to get an early snag of Halo 3's Mythic Map Pack:

"You make sure you stay safe and Stay Tuned.

P.S. 04/09/09"

Classy. Clever. Other "C" words I can't channel at the moment. Cross your fingers just in-case but it's practically a giveaway, boys. I mean what else could it be? Let me know what you think.

P.S. 80/08/50

P.S.S See what I did there?
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