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Skin Deep: Serious Sam 2

Skin Deep is a description of a game based entirely on its cover art. No actual information about the game is used to create it, just going by the cover and coming up with an idea of what the game might be about.

Serious Sam 2

Some games approach day to day life as a chore best to be avoided by fighting along side space marines on a distant planet where the indeginous life has the audacity to not want our presence there so we must put enough holes in them so they see the error of their ways and embrace their new human overlords as they rightfully should.

Serious Sam 2, however, approaches the daily life of Sam with much fanfare and excitement. Why? Because Sam is a gun salesman for Bomb Co. a private company that sells experimental weaponry all over the world. However gun sales have been down so it's up to Sam to step it back up with some SERIOUS new advertising. He comes up with a Bomb Co. clothing line, even posing himself for the photo shoots. Sam works out religiously to the point he no longer remembers having a neck and so he becomes the new image of Bomb Co. and its weaponry division.

As Sam, you will have to fly all over the world to show of the new clothing line in such venues as Milan, Paris, London, Sydney, Tokyo, anywhere and everywhere there is a demand for both snappy dressing and devastating firepower. Someone give you a bad review on your recent clothing line? Well the Toastmaster 3000 can change any frown upside down, or even sideways, or across the room in several chunks if you want. This too is part of Sam's very SERIOUS new marketing campaign of which you will be playing the part of. You will have to decide what kinds of jeans Sam must wear, appropriate accessories such as a rocket launcher or a grenade launcher (careful, the wrong one could cause a fashion gaffe AND horrible human casualties), whether to shoot the fur protestors or the terrorists (hard decision), and many other such quandaries that confound our intrepid Sam. And remember, your Bomb Co. logo MUST go on everything. Have to keep product placement foremost in mind or how else will consumers know what guns to kill people with? And remember the Bomb Co. motto "We do human liquidation right!"
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