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Happy 3 Year Birthday: 15 Reasons to Love Destructoid


[[[[[[[[[[Happy 3 Year Birthday: 15 Reasons to Love Destructoid]]]]]]]]]]

1. Mr. Destructoid is the greatest mascot since Mario & Sonic.
I mean just look at him. He's the picture of pimp. He's got swagger.

2. Community Discusses.

3. Friday Night Fights.

4. Hilarious Front-Paged Articles.
The staff on this site are just genius. I go here when I want up-to-date news and hilarious viewpoints. The editors remain unbiased and have so much personality.

5. Promoted Community Blogs.
I love reading everybody's different views about video games and their life stories. It's amazing to get such a wide range on this site and it's not just the same blog over and over again from some different asshole.

6. The Forum Mods aren't dickheads.
Seriously, this is a big plus. Techn0phile is extremely dedicated but still knows how to NOT be a douche nozzel. That's highly admirable these days. All of the modulars are bad ass and not power-hungry. Yay!! The Forumers are my favorite part of Destructoid. You all own and I can't name every one of you because there's too many. Thanks for reeeeally making me feel home.

7. No Apparent Reason Parties.
These are pretty self-explanatory, I'm sure. I have yet to attend one but when I do, expect many, many dry humps and alcohol tasting kisses. I toooooootally hope I can make it to PAX 09 but it's just a money issue. Best b'lee if I had the cash, I'd be on the first plane from Texas to Seattle to see you folks.

8. It's become Home for so many lost souls.
The Community owns. It's no surprise that everywhere you turn, you'll see a story from someone stating they feel at home on this website. They met people at NARPs and felt like they've known them for years. It's gratifying. I wonder if the founders could have seen this coming when they first started Destructoid.

9. Niero's Dedication to the site.
It leaves you speechless and with a warm feeling in your heart.

10. The Community contains many "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" Fans.
This is just bad ass. I love you fuckers.

11. It's home to some of the best Artists on the underbelly of the Internet.
It's true. Look at the wallpapers. The Destructoid comic. The talent on this site is remarkable.

12. The Community really loves each other and cares for each other's Happiness.

13. The Community feeds the Trolls, only when it's lulzy.

14. They Community will let you know if you Suck.

15. Also, cocks.

There truly are soooo many more reasons to love Destructoid but I had to make this list short and sweet because I was already running late to work. Just know, you guys own so hard. This website kicks ass. I hope we can someday be IRL friends and share topsauce stories of awesome, trade pr0n and just play some fucking games. I'll bring the booze and cupcakes.

PS: I feel bad for whoever is the C-Blog Recapper for today. =/
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