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Why Do I Blog ? (NVGR)

To be perfectly honest, I don't even know why I'm doing this. i guess it's because I want my opinion to be
heard, but really, that's a load of steaming bullshit. I honestly can't think of anything remotely intelligent to say
to the masses because I generally have shit communication skills. Just earlier today, I had an excellent idea for
a blog post and I just couldn't communicate it into words. Maybe its because I'm shy or 'cause I'm antisocial, or
maybe even a bit of a misanthrope, I just can't communicate with other people, doesn't matter if they're in the
same room or if it's over the internet. It generally has me wonder why i do this if I can't even have a simple
conversation.Back when I was a member of the Gamespot community, I would generally feel more
comfortable getting my voice heard because I would never get any comments, thus allowing me to write about
whatever I wanted and not fear negative comments. but when I try to blog here I gotta be more careful be
cause I' more likely to get a negative comment than a positive one. My real motivation for blogging was
because i wanted attention and recognition for my work, but really i just wanted the unadulterated praise. But
I've learned that I gotta work for it. I'm gonna wrap this up because I just remembered that most of you
probably don't care about pseudo-philosophical bullshit like this (and it isn't). Call me an attention whore if you
want, give me negative comments, I'll shrug them off and keep trying, and maybe just maybe, i'll get better, if
not remotely. Also on a bit of a side note Chrome is the only browser i can use without getting a virus, so
sorry about the spacing.

P.S: thank you for allowing me waste your time doing something else.
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