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Student Sues Airline for $1M for Lost 360; Proves My Teacher Right


According to an Associated Press article Yale student, Jesse Maiman is attempting to sue the pants off of US Airways for an Xbox 360 that was apparently taken from his luggage on a trip from New Haven, Connecticut, to Cincinnati (I wasn't aware Cincinnati held idiot conventions this time of year) which apparently had a "specialized" hard drive (see: modded).


It's a funny coincidence that my English teacher was telling us that pursuing post-secondary education while, now might seem like a "mature" path to take, will not magically turn us into "mature" people - as if MTV hadn't taught us that already. Jesse Maiman, you are a stellar example for us young ones on the verge of turning a new chapter in our lives. You've taught us all that it is okay to be a pupil in one of the world's finest educational institutions and still behave like a whiny jackass.

Also: A US Airways spokeswoman said the airline was unaware of the suit but noted that the government limits liability for lost luggage to $3,300 per bag.

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