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My Two Cents: Jimmy Fallon to Talk About Games


For years we gamers have wondered when video games were going to jump into the mainstream. We�ve dreamed for a time in which the world respected our hobby as a great story telling vehicle and a respected entertainment medium. Perhaps our time is closer than we think. We�re entering into a time in which we kick the old farts out of their chairs and take the reins.

I hate to be clich� about this, but just look at the way Obama is treating his presidency. His campaign took full advantage of the internet while his competition went about things in the same old traditional way. Look at the results. I�m not saying that�s the reason he was elected, but it played a big role, and it looks like other people are taking notice.

A while ago Jimmy Fallon, the new host of Late Night, announced that he would treat video games like �movie premiers.� What this means is still completely up in the air. This could be the big push we�ve been waiting for, or it could just flop all over the place as publishers shove the typical PR folk out on Jimmy�s show. I don't want to see publishers send some people over to tell you how many weapons their game has, or how many players will be able to play multiplayer. Shallow shit like that is not acceptable.

We're going to treat a video game premiere as if it was a movie premiere. My generation grew up with the computer. We grew up with the Internet. We live in a video game type of world - video games are second nature to us. Games make more money, as an industry, than the film industry [Fallon].

I really do want it to work. Fallon has proved that he�s �one of us�. He�s been on Engadget as well as Diggnation, and it seemed like he knew his stuff and understands our culture. The fact that he's a somewhat of a peer is reassuring.

I'm interested in tech, and I'm interested in gadgets. I want tech people to come on my show, whether it's Bill Gates or the guy who designed the new Palm Pre, to talk about new inventions. I want to know what makes it so great. I want to see new video cameras. I want to see new technology. And I think that'll be interesting to people who are awake at 12:30 at night. We'll have great bands. We'll book great guests. I hear we got the ShamWow guy. That's good. [Fallon]

Now, his show isn�t terrible, but even he admitted that they�re still trying to work on things and improving on their formula. From what I�ve seen it was fairly decent. He has been pushing the internet and tech-geek references were made, so I guess he�s fulfilled half of his promise.

He had Joshua Topolsky from Engadget on tonight, and he really did allow him to be himself. He didn't heckle him, and actually told him to geek out as much as he wanted. So I guess our "culture" is welcome in his house.

I wasn�t a big on Jimmy Fallon, but the fact that his band is the Roots has made me a fan. He also had Tina Fey on his second episode. That was awesome (she�s my bitch -- step off).

If this takes off I could see it taking some of GametrailerTV and X-Play's viewership. They're already unnecessary. Just imagine a world in which game coverage isn't only done by the hardcore enthusiasts. There's no way they'll be able to survive.

P,S, - I really hope that me mentioning Obama doesn't start some political debate. It was just an example.
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