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First info on The Behemoth's "secret" project

Sorry for the double blog, but I just found this, and thought that other Dtoiders might be a little interested kthxbai.

I was checking The Behomoth's devblog like I do every once in a while, and what do I see but a picture of some models from their mysterious Game # 3.

When I saved the image to my desktop, it came up with the name "orbzzzz", so I assume that this relates to the Animal Orbs from Castle Crashers, so obviously this means that there is a Castle Crashers 2 in development CONFIRMED!

Actually, now that I read the post again, it doesn't really say "Game # 3". The post says -- and I quote -- ,"Here is a picture from a secret project!". So do they have 2 games in development?

I was wondering if you guys could tell me if these characters are already orbs used in Castle Crashers. I am not really too hardcore into that game, but that ram second from the left looks kind of familiar.

I guess we won't really know for sure what The Behemoth's next game will be until they are ready to tell us.

They also want you to vote for their game in the Xbox LIVE Arcade Awards. I'm voting for Braid though...
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