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I love comments. (NVGR)

So I was finished for the night looking at all the new dtoid stuff when I decided to head over to gametab.com to see what the top stories were. The #1 story right now is still that lesbian who got banned from xbox live. It's the 1up article of it. There is this one guy in the comments who is so fucking funny it had to be posted here.

n0gar starts his post out as most narrow minded bigots do, name calling, derogatory terms.

"You cocksuckers and cock sympathisers need to sop using blacks as an excuse for your sick causes. Gays are a behavioral problem, not an actual people. I als wish that whites would stop trying lump no good gays in with black people - in fact, leave black people out of this faggot talk altogether! There is no comparison at all."

I'm thinking ok the usual dumb ass, not to mention this article had nothing to do with a gay male but I see the relation I guess. But the next paragraph is pure fucking gold.

"Jews control the media, so they have instructed all peoples on TV and radio to respect gays for one reason and one reason only - Jews want gay dollars, which is quite a bit. Greed is the reason for all of this pro gay shit. Now that the Jews have used Obama (to have as the face of Communism) to further move this country toward a sociaist society (controlled by Jews since they controll the privately owned Federal Reserve and all bank in the US and the world. Who cares if a bank or two goes under?), we will be like the Soivets were. The US can only fall from within as no outside enemy can bring it down."

Now I'm thinking wtf a jew conspiracy, what does that have to do with anything!? Oh I see they want gay dollars, guess I've been out of the loop or something didn't realize the homosexual community had their own currency.

"So fuck faggots as they only get this momentum from Jews to help destablize the US socially. Notice how the media still trains you to hate backs and SOME hispanics, but to love gays and never talk about Jews. They tell you to hate arabs/Muslims, but at the same time respect them! Wake up! Life is more than just a videogame. In the US, you can no longer go to armed civil wars since too many people have guns. Instead, they do it behind the scenes adn stage events while TV tells you how to think, but not that you should think."

Then he goes on to claim that jews killed JFK and if Obama were ever assassinated it will be the jews who did it. The whole article and comments are here.
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