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Puzzlequest Galactrix - Terrible controls IN SPACCCEEE


Is anyone else supremely disappointed by Galactrix DS? I bought two copies for my buddy and I and we planned our whole night to play after the wives were asleep.

In multi-player the FPS is low, like, stuttering horrible low. So you have plenty of time to see the jaggy graphics moving slide-show fashion around the screen.

Luckily, you'll only see those graphics if you can get the stylus to cooperate.
Example: Tap. hmm. Tap. HMM. TAP. *#$%$%^!! PRESSS WITH FORCE. Oh there we go. ...and this was after re-calibrating several times.

Oh and is anyone else sick to shit of trying to select a point on the flying/over map only to have the little ship fly around? Select planet, try to select 'get mission' *ship flies screwball towards upper left corner. Over and over.

I can't tell you how frustrated I was trying to select the text that pops up from the little pop up menu on planets. You have to tap pixel-precise on the tiniest little area. I remember being able to play the first one with my thumbs.

Overall I like the mechanics of the game, it's definitely a step up. Unfortunately the DS version is beyond (ACCESSING DATA) piss-poor.
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