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My Two Cents: Mirror's Edge (PC)


There�s something about games that get any type of hype that lures in the haters. Whether you�re Grand Theft Auto IV, Metal Gear Solid 4, or Halo 3, those games just can�t get off people�s minds. Perhaps it�s the expectation, or maybe it�s just fun to hate. Whatever the case may be, they just seem to get more negative attention for a longer amount of time than any other games.

In my last blog, I reminded people of my GTA IV contest. Just as I guessed, people couldn�t help but tell me how much they despised the game. This is what I mean by long-term hate. Halo 3 is what - 2 years old? I can�t get through any Halo post without seeing, �People still play Halo?�

Sadly, Mirror�s Edge has fallen under that waterfall of hatred. This isn�t a review, so I�m not going to tell you if you should buy it or not. I, however, will tell you what I liked and what I think needs improvement minus the sensationalist hatred.


Personally, what I found most rad in Mirror�s Edge was sense of speed and mobility. Faith feels like she has weight and doesn�t feel floaty like Master Chief (a 1,000 pound superhuman). It�s just awesome that you can get a sense of momentum in a video game - especially in a first person shooter. They really got the controls right for Mirror�s Edge. Sometimes the bitch doesn�t grab a ledge when you know she should have, but it�s overall very solid for the first game of its kind. My main issue is with the game�s level design. It�s not that it made it harder for me like most people say. The difficulty came from my shortcomings mostly. If I fell it was because I made a mistake.

My problem with the level design is that I sometimes have trouble figuring out where I�m supposed to go. When I�m outside it�s more about getting a nice flow. If I have to stop, check my surroundings, and find my way, it breaks the experience. If they could figure out a way to funnel me through the level without making it feel like I�m on rails it could have been a much more exhilarating experience.

I don�t think people mention the indoor levels of Mirror�s Edge much, but I found them to be quite fun. It gave a little variety to the game. Instead of speeding on through, I was forced to think about my actions like a puzzle game. Sometimes it asked for some quick thinking as well, which I thought gave it some nice tension.


The combat is one layer of fail that I don�t want to spend too much time with. The good thing I can say is that you can avoid 99% of the it and it�s mostly encouraged that you do that. I always found that there was mostly always an escape route. I made the mistake of trying to confront them like I assume a lot of people did. I think it�s because we�ve been conditioned to attack. There aren�t many (if any) first person perspective games that have you avoiding combat as much as this one.

Now, I know many people don�t seem to care about graphics (liars), but I do. Thankfully, my machine was able to run it at an acceptable resolution (second highest with PhysX on) and it looked stunning, though there were issues with my screen resolution(16:10 proportions not supported). Regardless, It was a breath of fresh air from that muddy brown color palette modern shooters all seem to adopt. Also, PhysX is fucking amazing and the city at night is incredible.

Another piece of visual candy was Faith. Not that I�m sexually attracted to a video game character or anything, but a lot of people seem to criticize her as being too bland. Personally, I�d rather have bland Faith than another underage anime girl or another Lara Croft clone. It was nice to see a semi-realistic looking female character. I know a lot of people liked that Japanese flavored character design of Faith, and I�m sorry but I now believe all who share that sentiment are pedos.


And as far as the story, it was�there to help you understand why you�re doing the things you do. It wasn�t good, but not awful as well�It was just there. Perhaps some form of cyberpunk thrown in there would have been nice.

I really enjoyed this game. I wouldn�t spend $50 on it, but that doesn�t necessarily make it awful. It just lacks enough content for me to spend that much.

The plus side of all these problems is that I think it can be easily fixed in the second game, and I�m really looking forward to that. Like Skate did with skateboard games, Mirror�s Edge has done a lot in the evolution of first person platforming. I still hope people are open to the idea of Mirror�s Edge by the time the new one rolls out. They laid the foundation down. All they need is polish and focus.
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