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Pokemon Platinum: Which starter Pokemon will I use this time?!


Finally, the Pokemon Platinum website is up and running so us, Americans, can feel anxious and seriously consider freezing ourselves like Cartman when he was waiting for the Nintendo Wii launch.

Take a glimpse at the site and you'll see the AMAZING Giratina figure that you get with your preorder. I'll admit I'm a SUCKER for free swag but even if I wasn't, I'd be all over this. Giratina has been one of my top favorite legendary Pokemons since I saw and knew about it. C'mon he's a fucking Ghost Dragon, that's just awesome.

Totally want this.

Giratina is so full of win as a Pokemon.

Also, there's a chance to oggle at the five mysterious forms, which if you know anything about Pokemon can already guess at who it is. Hint: Think of the mysterious, haunted mansion in Pokemon Diamond & Pearl. And here's Shaymin's sky form which looks pretty cool and seems like he might have some interesting Move Sets.

There's a new trailer for the game so check that out. Oh, and there's wallpapers and screen savers for the Pokemaniacs. You can learn a little bit more about the story and new characters, such as your rival and many more. By the looks of their silhouettes, they look like they'll have amusing designs.

The storyline involves a disturbance atop Mt. Coronet, as a portal to the "Distortion World" is opened and Sinnoh's climate becomes colder.

Platinum also features improved animations such as the trainers moving during battles, better graphics and a new winter theme. There's even a new area to explore called Torn World, an upside down environment with gravity-defying effects. From the trailers, this looks pretty interesting.

Another bad ass feature is the ability to save any of your Wi-Fi battles via the Battle Recorder, which lets you save your epic victories and rub them in the faces of others. Visiting the game's Global Trade Center enables you to access it and check out other people's battles. Since Nintendo categorizes the videos based on popularity, finding the best battles should be pretty painless. Hell yeah.

All this excitement over Pokemon really gets me giddy at the thought of starting over a whole new Pokemon team, training for hours a day, breeding and competitive battling. The first thing that pops into mind of course is who in the holy batman fuck is going to be my first Pokemon? I had all three of the starter Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond and I never could pick my top favorite.

Flaming monkey ass was always great and everyone loves penguins but I think, this time, I'm going for the cute little turtle. I hardly use many leaf Pokemon so I can try that out. Who are you going to pick?
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