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Nike+ and "The Destructoid Running Club" are go!!

So you�ve fought along side your fellow Dtoiders in Friday Night Fights and partied all night long at PAX and NARPs. You laughed together in the IRC and humiliated newbs who thought that they could spam the C-Blogs. You shared stories of your life and helped each other find a new game to play. So what is there left to do then?? Well, together join The Destructoid Running Club at Nike+ of course!!

With spring just around the corner, many people such as myself are starting to wake up from their hibernation being indoors all winter. With warm weather comes the need to be outside and get in a bit of exercise. One of the best ways to do just that is by running. An even better way is by running with others!!

A good runner won't be a dead runner ^_^

I used to hate running. I did it all through high school just because training was co-ed. But after secondary school I came upon a wonderful gadget from the gods. It was Nike+. Now, I know this is sounding a bit like an advertisement but I really have no bias in the topic :P. Nike+ is basically a sensor that fits in your shoe and syncs up with either you iPhone, iPod Touch/Nano or Nike+ SportsBand. The two communicate to record the time, distance and speed of your run. But to me personally, this is not what makes Nike+ so good. It�s their website. Take a look around to see what I mean. Being able to see the results of your runs is what provides the motivation. Getting a new award for beating a personal goal feels like I�m unlocking an Achievement or Trophy. You can also create challenges for teams or individuals to compete in. But just this winter they added a new feature: Teams!!

Has an iPod?? Already half way there then!!

Alright, so here is what I really wanted to talk about. I have created a team in Nike+, The Destructoid Running Club. The goal of the club is not to be super-competitive but be a place where the runners of Dtoid can converge and meet up. It is a place to either get in or stay in shape and basically motivate each other to improve our health. The team page lists all the members, messages and challenges posted. Oh yes, challenges will be posted :D. But just think of them as online Road Rules or a little fun competition to have outside of video games. It is a place to have fun and have a good time.

Now, the problem with creating a running group within Nike+ is that you need the sensor for your times to be uploaded. Even if you do not have the sensor, feel free to join!! I also started a thread in the forums so people can communicate here as well. While the Nike+ gadgetry cost about as much as a game, if you do not feel like purchasing it just post your time and distances in the thread. We do not want to exclude anyone and the more runners we have the better. Plus Dtoid still has a better means of communication haha. If you are having trouble registering, just send me a message and I can add you manually.

Even Homer Simpson is running. What's your excuse?? ;)

So with all that said, good luck and lets have some fun running together!! I probably won�t be running for at least another 2 weeks (damn snow) but I do have the itch to go. Just remember, after spring comes summer aka bikini season!! ^_^
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