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STEAM DEALS: Greatest Indie Pack


I don't remember seeing this anywhere on the site, but for those who missed it, Steam is having another one of those ridiculous sales. My unemployed brethren may find this offer very enticing.

Eets, Gravitron 2, Multiwinia, I-Fluid, and Trials 2 Second edition can be had for $9.99 in Steam's "Greatest Indie Pack". According to STEAM you're saving around $35.

I've only played Eets, which in my opinion is worth the $10. My Mexican brother Knives really likes Multiwinia. He's constantly pushing me to buy it. The rest of the games are bonuses, and I can't say they're bad because I haven't touched any of them. I-fluid looks interesting in a tech-demo kind of way though.

Also, if you pre-order Hawx you get Blazing Angels for free to download now. Pre-ordering End War will get you a free copy of GRAW and also, pre-purchasing Ceville will deduct 10% of the original price (I don't know what Ceville is).

Please let me know if this news has been posted on Destructoid. I will remove this blog immediately/

P.S. - I really hate that my two blogs are bunched together. It looks bad.
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