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Contest - Lost and The Damned DLC Code


OK, so I've thought long and hard about what I wanted the community to do for this redeemable Lost and the Damned code. In the spirit of the game's controversial cut-scene, to win this code you'll have to send me pictures of your cock. It's that simple

Mandi's penis is not allowed to compete, sadly. That would be unfair to anyone trying to win. Cocks also must be 18 years or older. I don't want a visit from the FBI. I'm already Mexican. I don't need another excuse for the government to watch me.

May the best cock win!


Actually, don't do that. I really couldn't think of anything to do, really.

The best I could come up with (and I know this kinda' sucks) is a "make me a new banner" contest, or if you can't work photoshop (like myself), write a blog that tells me why you deserve this code.

The person with the saddest sob story won't be the winner of that, though. I want to see something creative. Work hard! Think long!

So, with that said, I'll give you guys 'till Monday to think of something. If I see that I haven't gotten enough entries, I'll extend that date. I just don't want people to procrastinate and forget. All banners can be e-mailed to me at [email protected], and please PM me if you write up any blogs. I can't keep track of the c-blogs the entire day.
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