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Playing With Yourself: Immersion Thou Art a Cruel Mistress

Atmosphere in games can go a long way. Without that throbbing in the sub woofers at the right moment or
the rumble of the controller, games just don't that same impact. The reason why I'm bringing this up is
because I was trucking my way through Dead Space back in November. I was certainly intrigued by the
premise, despite the somewhat lack of originality. I watched both the movie and the video comics on
gametrailers.com in order to brush up on it. I was interested because I had never played a Survival-horror
game before. Knowing full well that I'm too much of a man for Resident Evil, and at the same time too much
of a wuss for Silent Hill, I thought it was a good foot wetter

After the awesome opening you are immediately separated from your crew by the Necromorphs. And this
when the atmosphere kicked in. It relied on a combination of jump out scares and isolation that made you
feel, well isolated. On the rare instances when you weren't committing systematic monster Genocide, you
were looking and moving through the dead, desolate interstellar hellhole that was formerly the USG Ishimura.
It did a fantastic job of drawing me into the world that the team at EA redwood shores had created, which
was an astonishing feat unto itself. I was genuinely scared and alone...at least I felt like it. When my
brothers saw me playing it one time, they turned up the volume on the tv, and noticed I was breathing in
sync with Issac Clarke (the main dude you play as). Games taht go that extra mile are often really, really
good in my eyes. Another game that pulled this off was Far Cry 2. It recreates the type of oppression that
countries like the fictional one you're in with ease. it also gives you that feeling of desperation that I just
couldn't shake. Knowing that you've been gut off from your resources, you resort to whatever means you
have in order to hunt down the Jackal.

These points are all fine and well, but it really hurt the experiences when the atmosphere was broken (ie my
Dead Space disc crapping out on me, Far Cry 2 getting the boot for Gears 2) but I was glad I played them.
And I end with Question : What game's atmosphere sucked you in? (The Silent hill series excluded)
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