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10 Things you didn't know about FalconReaper (and/or don't give a shit about) (NVGR)

Hello. As you obviously know I'm FalconReaper. The reason why the font looks all spaced out is because
Chrome is the only browser on my computer that isn't screwed up right now, so please bear with me.
Keeping up with this 10 things craze, I decided to make an entry in order to explain myself to the
community...and I'm keeping my new year's resolution to be more social so Here we go.

1.Let's Get the most important thing out of the way right now: My name is Mohamoud Adan, I'm Muslim and
i'm black,The first two do not in any way, shape, or form make me an Al Qaeda suicide bomber!

2. I've been gaming since before I started school (I was 3 when my mom enrolled me in kindergarten) and
The First game I ever played was Super Mario World, but did not take it seriously until I got my PS2 ( I grew
up in the 90's).

3.The first game I have ever completed form start to finish was the greatness that was Prince of Persia: The
Sands of Time, I still plat it to this very day.

4.I Currently have a PS3 (a birthday gift), an Xbox 360(thank god I haven't got the RROD yet) and I still dust
off my PS2 and N64 from time to time(POP and Star Fox FTW)

5.I am an Avid retro gamer, and am playing many of the games of yesteryear through emulation ( which I
recommend for anyone looking to play their favorite games from the days when games made us their

6.I live in The City of Ottawa, Ontario, The capital in Canada. I'm telling you this know: DO NOT COME HERE
DURING THE FUCKING WINTER!! The average temperature dip is around -25 Degrees Celsius and you can
get frostbite.But other than that, Foreigners are nice to you when you visit their country, and the Universal
Health Care Kicks ass!

7.Until The newest entry came along,I never liked the Grand Theft Auto games. Okay that is somewhat of a
lie, I played the original GTA ang GTA 2 a few years back and thought they were an ass-load of fun, GTA 3
is when it went to to crapper IMO. the reason being that if you place me in a giant sandbox environment with
all of the aforementioned crazy ass shit, I'm just going to do the story missions and that's it. But give me a
sandbox game like Ultimate Spider-man, and I'll go nuts mostly because you have an incentive to all that
crazy ass shit: Superpowers and the fact that you can play as Venom.

8.I'm currently fighting 6, that's right 6 simultaneous game addictions. the Culprits being (in order of
severity):Left 4 Dead (call dibs on Bill, and Anthony Burch can kiss my black Somali-Canadian Ass, no
disrespect Reverend), Castle Crashers (must...find...all...weapons...and...animal orbs), Mega Man 9 ( A
game so aggravatingly Hard and rewarding at the same time), Horde Mode in Gears of War 2 ( Can't make it
past Wave 15), Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix (Must win all tourneys I Enter), and New Super Mario
Brothers on the DS (same as Mega Man 9). And now to make room for Street Fighter 4 and Killzone 2.

9.Until recently, I was pretty much an antisocial hermit. I never spoke to anyone (not even my own family),
then I decided to become more social by joining this the best gaming community on the web as part of my
New Year's Resolution.

10.I never Beat Portal. I know, I'm that stupid, the main reason being that whenever I sat down to try and
play it I didn't have the attention span to keep going (IE having to study, do the laundry or clean my mom's
car) and just forget all about it.

There are the 10 things that you didn't know about me, not that you give a crap. I may actually review the
games I'm addicted to when I stop playing them (temporarily) and if any Dtoid editors read this, email me at
[email protected] to tel me how I can get a job as a games journalist, and if Anthony Burch is
reading this, I didn't mean the whole kiss my ass thing...please don't kill me. Thanks for allowing me to waste
your time.
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