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New RE5 Racism Editorial on IGN, Also Beats a Dying Horse


In an obviously desperate grasp at page views, IGN 360's appropriately named editor, Hilary Goldstein reviews the complaints of racism in the upcoming Capcom title Resident Evil 5.


Nothing new here. I came to IGN to check if they had their review posted for Afro Samurai (ironic, huh?) and found this instead. I wasn't particularly interested but I sighed a long hard sigh and read what he had to say anyways - which amounted to very little to anyone who's read squat on the topic before.

Look, let's face it. Anyone with half-a-mind has turned a blind-eye to the issue by now. The fact of the matter is that it's portraying the location of a particular viral outbreak. It wouldn't make any sense if the enemies WEREN'T African, as that's the source of the outbreak. And 1 + 1 = 2.

The only stereotype here is how stereotypical it is of IGN(orant) to post an article like this, right now. The only way to move past this whole thing is to just let it happen. Thank you for doing your part IGN, you loud-mouthed little sister to the gaming industry.
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